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Krishnan, father of Kasi & Ashwinya

Dear All,

This is Krishnan, retired Teacher from TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai and Father of KASI & ASHWINYA who adopted 9th ward and Kamarajar village, Sakkoottai Unit of Sivaganga District.

On 11th June 2012 I visited Ward 9 and Kamarajar village in Sakkoottai Block of Sivagangai District, Tamilnadu. Nearly 15 students are studying each unit between 1st standard to 8th standard. At the entrance itself they show the active and utilize all the available facilities which are provided by Eureka Super kidz for the betterment of students. I had some interaction with some parents and they were very happy. Two students noticed the logo of EUREKA in the maths part in IV std Samacheer Kalvi Book.


The following mentors were present.
PM - G Mala
EDA - N Sahila Banu
EBT - S Revathy

In ward 9

ET 1 -Abrose
ET 2 - L Prem Kumar
ET 3 - L Tamilarasi

In Kamarajar village

ET 1 - Surya
ET 2 - Suganya
ET 3 - Uma Maheswari

The students read materials which are subscribed by Eureka Super Kidz. The mentors shown me all the records which they had maintained for the various activities which are nice.Expecially the work sheets for maths to be appreciated. They trained the students some playful method.They conducted a game also.


Though the center has been utilizing them at the most, there are few requirements listed below which unit really need them and they are:

  1. Tape recorder - The mentor can record some activities and play to the students and ask them to observe, and then ask some questions to check their listening power.
  2. Can supply additional black board.


The team can give identity card or Badge to the students They can have a Eureka Super Kids Banner in the unit. I have attached photographs which I taken from the unit.

Aparna Laxmanan, Volunteer, AID Columbus

16 Mar 2012

We visited to the "Eureka School" in 'Nergunappattu" village near Kalpakkam, Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu, run by the volunteers of AID. It was a wonderful experience. The students are being given the Best education and the best care by the highly devoted teachers there.The mode of teaching is excellent and every individual child is given special care by the teachers.

Since the school is in a small village and teachers are also residents of the village, they know the home-situation of each child and they take care of each child with a motherly affection and at the same time bring them up with utmost discipline.

It was a wonderful experience to see the highly devoted teachers and the very well-disciplined students at the remote village while these high values are gone in many of the schools in city-side.

Though the schools are in remote village, the students are being provide with all facilities like library etc.,
Yoga and Indian self-defense art of "Silambam" is also taught to the students.

I was extremely pleased to meet the enthusiastic and devoted volunteers and co-ordinator Smt.Anbazhagi.
It was a unforgettable, nice experience for me.

All the best for AID volunteers.

Aparna Laxmanan, Volunteer, AID Columbus.

Prem, Volunteer, AID UK

21 Feb 2012, Thiruvallur

Dear Samu,
Hope you are well.

I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for taking the time to show us around the Eureka SuperKidz site in Tiruvallur explaining how it all started. It was an inspiring experience.

Clearly, this is a fantastic achievement for all who have been involved in creating this programme and my heartfelt congratulations to all for having achieved this. I would not like to underestimate the effort, the heart and soul that has gone into making this happen. Well done. At the same time I share with you the challenges that you have in rolling this out to more children in other remote villages in India.

Both myself and my wife were very impressed with the way the programme has been structured, the content, quite well thought through and the enthusiasm of the teachers and the children who make this happen. I will admit, this is the first time I have seen kids of this age eager to attend after school classes to enhance their knowledge. I will also give it to the grouping of kids, the personal attention given to them based on letter, word and sentence ability and the practical way of educating kids in overcoming their learning difficulties.

This is much needed in a world where competition is at its peak and the foundation needs to be strongly laid, as much as, to the core of the earth. I am very happy that you and your team are doing a fantastic job in laying this strong foundation - for a brighter future of India. My prayers and good luck for you to extend this effort for the years to come.

Well Done!

Jai Hind


Rick Sadle, on behalf of Salvador Molly's

First let me say what a pleasure it was meeting you and spending time with you and the other Aid India staff. You especially made my trip so enjoyable and rewarding. I learned a lot about Eureka and Southern Indian food, music, culture and more.Please make sure that people know that we're planning on sponsoring our two villages again this year. Hopefully for years to come. I plan to go back there as soon as I can. Those kids touched my heart.

The compilation of his pictures is accessible on:

Karthik Manivasagam, Asst.Manager, PWC

25th Feb 2012, Tiruttani.

It was a great to meet you, Project Manager Mrs.Chitra yesterday afternoon and learn more about AID India initiatives.

It was surprising to see the enthusiasm and determination of the young children we met yesterday. I could see the dream in their eyes and how driven they are at such a young age to reach their goals.Teachers in all such schools have a very special responsibility to execute. AID India can ensure that these teachers are trained well in conversational english and any other subjects of their choice so that they feel valued and responsible towards further development of kids under them. My only concern is - how many of these kids would go on to study upto College / University level? considering the pressure from their parents to support them in farms / other daily labour to support their livelihood.

The whole experience did teach me a few things and I was moved by the friendliness, warmth and hospitality displayed by all people we met yesterday. Please convey my thanks and regards to all of them.Let me reiterate that you are doing an excellent job by taking lead as a volunteer on these projects. Keep it up !! Work experience from even the best in business is no match to the job that you are doing right now.

It has now set me thinking on how best i can contribute to the success of this initiative in my free time over weekends.Please do keep me posted on such visits in future so that myself & my colleagues in PwC can join you / your team in your mission - "Quality education for every child".

More photos in Facebook Eureka Page:

Thanks and regards
Karthik Manivachagam, Asst. Manager, PWC

Prasanna Kannappan, Asha Delaware

23rd Jan 2012, Puthuvayal

I would like to thank everyone for helping me with this site visit. It was a very refreshing to observe young children and the influence of eurka project on them. All volunteers and eureka teachers showing boundless enthusiasm to help the children. I would like to make a special mention about Ms. Mala for helping us throughout the visit and explaining every aspect of the project very clearly. Ms. Revathi (EBT) also showed great zeal in her work.


Young Donors from Arizona visit Eureka!

"The Eureka teachers were dedicated and the parents were also very motivated to send their children to the Eureka centers. Although their houses were very small, many Eureka Teachers' families had given them space to run the centers in the evening. We could also see a difference between centers that had started a year ago and those that were just starting now. Children in centers that had started earlier had progressed a lot more."

Gopinath Koteeswaran, CEO DirectLife, Philips Amsterdam

On our recent trip to India, we visited "class room sessions" at Vepenchery village. We were amazed by the overwhelming participation of the local children. The children clearly demonstrated their skills in Mathematics and in reading. It was fantastic to see how they were utilizing the Eureka kids tool kits to learn in an easy and effective manner.

The project manager, Ms. Anbazhagi, explained the self sustaining nature of the systems and processes in place to ensure the active participation of children, parents and local teachers. I am confident that this intervention will have a strong impact on the progress of the village in the medium to long term.

Keep up the great work!

Best Regards
Gopi, Priya and Kavya

K.G. Shridharan, Vadanallur village donor 2010
It warms the cockles of one's heart to hear from a most illeterate mother in a village that education is the key progress. Interacting with the headmaster teachers and students of a village Govt school in Uttiramerur brought out clearly the fact that children (SC / ST) are hungry for education and are keen to uplift their lot by proper education. All stake holders welcomed the efforts through SuperKidz program to supplement the school education.
Meera Menon supports the ESK program in Gunavakkam and Devarampalayam

Met Malayandisamy the Project Manager, the EBTs and 2 of the teachers.

  • The children were definitely happy to be there - indicates that there is a clear benefit from attending the sessions.
  • The skill charts were all maintained properly.
  • Only about 50% of the children in the vilage ae attending the Eureka Superkdz program.
  • The science material had not yet been received.
  • The teachers were good in terms of patience, teaching style. In terms of English skills, felt that the teachers needed more training.

Overall, I am happy with what I saw. I think the programme (especially the material, teachers' guides, syllabus) is a well-thought out one. Am glad to be part of it.

Meera Menon

Mr. Balaji, A professor of Mathematics at the university of Maryland visited Pullivay in Utharamerur as part of the Joint review mission in the second week of July 2011.

"The children and parents are very enthusiastic. Some children even came walking from a distance of 1 to 1.5 KM walking to attend these after school classes. The Eureka Block Trianer's enthusiasm is remarkable. They travel great distances by taking two buses and walking on lonely paths to contribute to the program. Black board, lighting and shelter are the chief requirements ans children find it very difficult to study without these neccesities. Games on Saturdays will also be an interesting element in the program"

Subra, is a CIT alum 88 who visited Chemmedu, Thondamathur on 18th July, 2010. They have adopted 5 villages.

Hello Friends,

Just want to provide an update on the Eureka SuperKidz Child educational program that is funded by CIT BEES (mostly NRIs). I took the recent India visit opportunity to visit the village participating in this program. I paid visit after doing the hike at Vellingiri hills.

We currently have 4 villages adopted near Siruvani. One of our adopted village is Irrutupalayam (at the bottom of the Siruvani hills next to Alaandurai) and spent couple of hours with kids, teachers, parents and coordinators. Fortunately one of the coordinator, Venkatesh, had come down from Chennai to visit the village and I was able to get firsthand information on Eureka program in addition to witnessing the teaching and interacting with parents. First, I have to say that it was very fulfilling to see how our money is being invested for the greater good. As you know this is after school program (5.30 to 7.30 pm) that supplements education and I was very thrilled to see so many kids participating in this program to get better at Math and English. The Eureka program has also introduced innovative training kits for teachers to be effective in the teaching methods.

I walked around the Iruttupalam (village) with Venkatesh (Eureka project coordinator and responsible for our village) to meet with the parents. Most of the parents make about 170Rs a day (cooli) working in farms, etc. These parents are acutely aware of the value of the education and appreciate all the effort of AID India program. When I asked the kid what they want to become when they grow up, they responded with Doctor, IPS, IAS, Computer Engineer, etc. Their parents certainly don't want their kids to fall in the poverty trap that they got into due to lack of education.

These kids are our future and the fact that these kids are motivated, with high aspirations tells us that we are now beginning to make meaningful impact to the future of the world! We should all be proud of this!

Here are the pic (and one video) from the village visit


Donors Deepa & Sriram, visited SuperKidz centre in Uthiramerur. They share their experience...

"We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the educational materials and we would like to show our appreciation for the content design team. You have thought things through based on your experience and have designed the content to be interesting as well as effective. The children were all so eager to learn and we observed that they were continuing to explore even when the instructor was not there. The instructors were passionate about teaching the children and we think they will continue to get better with more experience and training. We are convinced that AID is doing a great job and we will do everything possible to support your efforts."


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