The Eureka SuperKidz Village Education Centers are educating the poorest children in Tamilnadu.

The program will reachout to 50000 children across Tamilnadu in the next academic year improving their basic skills in language and math. Your continuous support will make this possible. Please donate and help us target the 50000 children through our Eureka SuperKidz program.

  • Adopt a Village: Donate Rs. 50000 and improve quality of 100 children.
  • Co-adopt a Village: Donate Rs. 25000 and improve quality of 50 children
  • Donate 5000 and sponsor 10 children for a year (500 / child / year).

You can also donate multiples of 10/20/30/ children.

Your donation is tax-deductible in India. AID INDIA is registered u/s 80G with DIT(E) No.2(65)11-12.


An External Study by NCIS validating the impact of Eureka SuperKidz on learning outcomes.



Impact Stories

Eureka is a second home for Swetha and Pavithra

Sitara from the Eureka State Team visited Nagal Colony village last month and met sisters Swetha (Class 6) and Pavithra (Class3) at the Eureka Center. Swetha was busy reading a story card, while Pavithra was learning addition from her Eureka teacher. When Sitara asked Swetha about her family and what she liked about her Eureka class, she said, “My sister Pavithra and I live with my grandmother. My grandmother is very old. My mother, father and brother also used to live in this village until a few months back. Someone cheated my father of money and he couldn’t pay back his debts. So they left us and went away to Chennai one night when Pavi and I were asleep. They called us up the next day and told us they took my brother Boothy with them because he was a baby. My mother calls us once in a while to tell us that they are coming to take us to live with them. We wait at the bust stop every time she calls but nobody comes. They love us though, so I’m sure they will come back one day.“Patti (grandmother) is too old to cook and clean, so our neighbors sometimes bring us the rice from the ration shop and Pavi & I try growing some vegetables and cook food for ourselves. It’s difficult to finish all the work in the morning and get to school on time. My schoolteacher scolds me if I don’t go neatly dressed to school, so I miss school on many days. I come to Eureka everyday because my teacher here sits with me separately and helps me learn. I can now read stories and do all the addition and subtraction problems. I’m going to become a nurse soon, pay off all the debts and bring my parents back. My Eureka teacher told me that if I attend class everyday she will help me learn well and join a nursing school when I grow up”.

For Pavithra and Swetha, the Eureka class is more than just an after-school center. It’s a second home where they are free of their worries, where they can share their feelings with their teacher akka and friends. We hope that they get reunited with their family very soon.

Tutor Shalini’s timely intervention

Raja is an 8 year boy studying in Class 3 in Manakkal village in Lalgudi block. He lost his father when he was 8 months old. His mother too abandoned him when he was just a child. Sadly, his grandmother who took care of him also died. Orphaned, he was left with his relatives in the same village.

The Eureka tutor Shalini Mary knew of his situation and enrolled him into her classes. Raja had been a bright child who even came first in school. But recently, Shalini noticed that Raja was not attending her classes regularly, nor was he attending the school and had started slipping in his grades. While a few months back he was able to solve fractions sums very well, he now struggled with even division problems, which he was good at. Shalini found that Raja was being made to do household chores and was being ignored and not being taken care of well. She and the field staff approached the local church for help. The Sister at the Church has now adopted Raja. He has started attending school and the Eureka classes regularly. Shalini hopes this is the end of Raja’s troubles.

Meet Our Young Teachers...

Bijitha (Std. 5), studying in the Eureka Center at Srinivasapuram village, Thondamuthur Block, has 2 younger sisters and an older brother. Her father is a construction worker and her mother is a daily wage laborer. When Project Manager Shyam visited the Eureka center in the village, he tested a few children on division. He says, “As we were giving division problems to the children, we noticed that Bijitha completed her sums much faster than the other children. I found that some of the other children were making mistakes in a particular step of the problem. I asked Bijitha whether she could teach the other children how to divide. Within 15 minutes, she taught the division procedure to all 8 children, and explained to them where they were going wrong. Before I left, I tested these children again on division. Almost all of them got it right! I asked Bijitha if she wanted to be a teacher. She smiled and said that she wanted to become a doctor!”

Prathap, (Std. 4) of Parameswara Mangalam village, in Latur block is a very bright child and very eager to learn. He especially loves the English sessions at the Eureka Center. He wants to be an advocate when he grows up. He loves teaching the younger children in his class. He has told his Eureka Teacher that he will quickly complete all the activities and go home earlier every day since he wants to teach English to his younger sister at home!


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